Business to business sales is broken. The percentage of sales people hitting target has steadily declined over the last seven years. If this trend continues only 50% of B2B sales people are going to hit target this year.


The way that buyers buy has changed and traditional sales techniques no longer work.

The Sales Masterclass from Flume is aimed at sales people and sales leaders of all levels. We use research and insights to teach learners what has changed and introduce them to the skills and techniques used by today’s top performers.

We provide sales people with a new tool kit to help them fight back, hit targets and win.

Timing and delivery:

Typically, the Sales Masterclass Series is delivered over three full-days or six half-days, but please contact us to discuss a tailored solution.

The sessions themselves are delivered using a combination of discussion, presentation, fun practical exercises and role play. This is not death-by-power point.



Module 1: The changing nature of buyers and sellers

We draw on independent research to show learners what has changed for today’s clients and sales people.

We explain what today’s best sales people are doing differently before encouraging learners to consider their own current skills and behaviours

  • Research on the significant changes in the way people buy
  • What clients need from salespeople in today’s market
  • How you measure up against today’s top-performing sales people

Module 2: A client-focused sales approach that opens doors

Who do clients care about? You? I’m afraid not. They care about themselves.

We explore what your product or service really means to them and create killer introduction for calls, emails and approaches on social networks.

  • Getting through the door of today’s decision-maker
  • Making every conversation worth paying for in itself
  • A powerful sales structure to convert bigger deals more quickly

Module 3: Shifting your client from their status quo

With more pressure, more accountability but less time, today’s clients avoid taking risks. They feel safest doing what they’ve always done. Before they consider your product or service they need to realise that they have to change.

We show learners how to make that happen.

  • The purpose of the client conversation
  • Creating a winning structure
  • Leading the client to your USP

Module 4: Aligning your brand

Clients buy for emotional reasons not intellectual ones. They move towards pleasure or move away from pain.

We show learners how to convince clients that yours is the perfect brand to work with.

  • Ouch. Pitching mistakes to avoid.
  • Moving beyond features and benefits
  • Convincing clients that you are the perfect brand

Module 5: Co-creating the right recommendation

Recommendations need to be perfect and clients need to own them.

We show learners how to use collaboration to create solutions that are laser focussed on delivering results.

  • What makes a good recommendation?
  • An audience-based approach
  • Collaborative creation

Module 6: Closing, perfect proposals and speeding up decisions

It was a great conversation. The client said ‘yes’ but that was three weeks ago and nothing has happened since…

We provide a template for powerful proposals and explain how sales people can ensure that a ‘yes’ quickly turns into a signed order.

  • Understanding the decision-making map
  • Creating proposals that help your client to sell-on internally
  • Closing the sale and speeding up decisions

Training is only worthwhile if it changes behaviour and improves results. We work closely with our partners before, during and after workshops to ensure learning is embedded.

Tangible results
  • More clients saying yes to your calls and meetings
  • Quicker client decision-making
  • Bigger deals closed more quickly

Templates & take-aways
  • Extensive workbook, reading list and follow-up exercises
  • Game-changing templates to enable action straight away
  • The five mistakes and five rules for winning sales
Follow-up actions
  • Personalised feedback of a newly created proposal
  • Remote support after all workshops via phone and email
  • Management templates to make embedding the learning easy


You know that selling is more difficult than it used to be and you want to understand why. You’re keen to learn new approaches and put them into action.
Enquire now to change the way you sell forever. Become a sales winner.

Sales Managers / Directors
You recognise that traditional sales techniques have become less effective and you want to find an alternative. You want to improve your own knowledge as well as the performance of your salespeople.
Enquire now to learn what today’s most effective sales professionals are doing differently. Supercharge the performance of your team.

Please get in touch to find out how we can make this course bespoke to you and your business.

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We are experienced trainers but we are also salespeople. We believe in the Flume approach and we use it ourselves every day. We pride ourselves in our content, style and delivery and we get great feedback from our clients and delegates.

We love seeing sales teams win and go over and above to support and embed the learning to this end.