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The strongest sales managers enable every individual to excel

Sales managers often spend much of their time reviewing spreadsheets or stuck in internal meetings. However, research proves that these aspects of their job are the least important skills required. Today’s sales managers need to enable every individual in their team to excel. This requires a different mind-set and different approaches to the traditional sales manager of the past.

With our sales management training courses we help managers adapt to the ever-changing sales environment. Bespoke training courses, adapted exactly to your needs will give you all the information and skills you need to effectively manage your team.


What works in sales is different and what sales managers need to do to help their team thrive has totally shifted too. We’ll help you get to grips with what you need to focus on to enable your team to deliver you the results you need.

be the strongest manager


It’s good to incentivise your team to perform how you want but even better if their internal drive is right. We help you understand both intrinsic and extrirnsic drivers and adapt to them to create a team all working at capacity towards a shared goal.

create drive in your team


Everything the manager does revolves around communicating successfully. However so many messages that are given are often ineffective or at worst destructive. Creating positive communication is key to controlling, empowering and inspiring your sales team.

deliver impactful messages

The strongest sales managers are focusing on something different

Sales managers are often promoted into position because they are successful sales people, however this is not a sure-fire way to predict their success as a sales manager. In-fact, many of the traits that define the strongest sales people are actually counter-productive for sales managers. Alongside this, the approaches that allowed these managers to be successful sales people could well be out-dated too – what works in sales today has completely changed.

So potentially, sales managers are using traditional sales methods and traditional management approaches, both of which will cause a negative impact on the team performance.

The sales manager’s role is to enable the sales team to exceed targets by maximising the individual performance of every sales person and by encouraging them to work collaboratively to achieve shared goals. This is some distance from the self-driven sales person that got them success in their previous role.

The traits of the successful sales manager are very different from the traits of the successful sales person. The best sales managers completely understand modern sales approaches and enable their team to perform brilliantly by encouraging and developing the right behaviours and skills.

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