Changes in audience behaviour are making it harder for clients to buy marketing solutions. More than ever, they need watertight business cases built around up-to-date audience insights if they are to gain internal buy in from their wider decision-making group. Those business cases can only be created by sales and marketing teams that are completely aligned.

Workshop 1 – Sales and marketing alignment: The new normal

Coronavirus has completely changed the way that our audiences behave. This has, in turn, changed the way that our clients need to engage with them. All of this, combined with the fact that challenging market conditions are changing the way that clients are making buying decisions, means that sales and marketing teams need to work more closely together than ever before.

In this module you will:

  • Learn the latest research into audience and client behaviour
  • Understand changes to the buying funnel and the implications this is having on sales and marketing collaboration
  • Explore new b2b sales and marketing best practice

Outcome: Sales and marketing teams that are aligned around the same cause: Team focused on making it easier to buy at every stage of the funnel.

Workshop 2 – The right narrative

Buyers are under huge pressure and have lots of choice. The problem is that everything tends to sound very similar. Rather than simply being told about what your product does, they need to be taught why they need to change and how they should choose.

In this module you will:

  • Identify what your differentiation really is in a changed world
  • Explore which market challenges you are now best placed to overcome
  • Knowing what to teach and how to lead to your differentiation

Outcome: An agreed sales and marketing narrative that leads clients to your brand and solution

Workshop 3 – Audience Behaviour: The common language

The one thing that our clients have always needed is to understand the audience’s buying journey and how to influence it. Coronavirus has changed all of that and our clients are desperate to learn what the ‘new normal’ is. They will gravitate towards those suppliers who can teach them.

In this module you will:

  • Learn why your audience needs great content right now
  • Learn how to create content that drives sales conversations
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn for inbound marketing

Outcome: A deep understanding of why audience insight is the ‘silver bullet’ when it comes to engaging clients

Workshop 4 – Creating powerful client messaging

The sales person’s role has always been to make it easy for the client to say ‘yes’ and having a deep understanding of who your client is, what they care about and how they make decisions has always been important; however, Coronavirus has changed everything. What we thought we knew about our clients no longer applies. Having brand new client personas is vital if we are to design successful sales and marketing approaches.

In this module you will:

  • Agree a collaborative approach for lead generation and qualification
  • Explore how psychographics can be used to generate leads
  • Learn a powerful structure for creating multi-channel introductions

Outcome: A deeper understanding of your target clients, how best to personalise your introductions and how to convert them into qualified leads

Workshop 5 – High impact sales and marketing collateral

Buying has become much more difficult for our clients. More than ever, they need impactful sales and marketing collateral that makes it easy for them to build consensus within their wider decision-making group.

In this module you will:

  • Explore why sales & marketing collateral is more important than ever before
  • Agree sales and marketing communication best practice
  • Agree an impactful sales and marketing meeting agenda

Outcome: Create templates and toolkits built to drive client decision making and make it easy to buy

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