The Flume Approach to sales training

Everything we do at Flume is designed to exceed your expectations and we start with the way we run workshops and coaching. The most important part of development work starts once the trainer has gone. At Flume we have created proven approaches which will allow you to continue using the many things you’ve learned long after speaking to us.

Training … the old way

Training used to be a lovely day out of the office. Training used to be a chance to muck about with your colleagues, eat as many chocolate biscuits as you could fit in your mouth and finish early to have a team pint down the pub. Traditional training definitely offered a bit of team bonding!

But it didn’t change behaviour. It didn’t deliver results.

Training … the new way

Training should change beliefs and behaviours. Training should deliver measurable results. Training should be ongoing to embed real change. At flume our 5 step process of delivering training produces immediate, measurable results; results that are pre-agreed with you beforethe training.

You tell us your goals. We help you achieve them.



We take time to fully understand your company, your clients, your people and the specific challenges you face. We then design development activities that enable you to achieve your goals.


We tailor all of our development activities to suit your business, your products, your markets and your people, to ensure we produce practical and realistic ways of improving results in your business.


We take great pride in making every session we run perfectly fit your needs. We design our workshops & coaching to exceed your expectations and make all learnings as simple to action immediately as possible. Oh and they are great fun too.


Feedback forms are useful, but we’d rather monitor the impact of training by agreeing KPIs so we can truly measure and evaluate results & ROI.