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Top 5 tips for smashing your 2019 sales target

As 2018 draws to an end its time to look ahead and work out how you can smash your 2019 targets. Here are our top five tips for making it happen:

1. Go easy on the features and benefits

Your product / service / audience is the newest / the biggest / the best. Well, clients can’t see that. In fact, the research shows that 86% of them cannot see a significant enough difference between one option and another to pay a premium.

Don’t overwhelm clients with features and benefits – that’s what your competitors are doing. Paint a picture of how your solution will take the audience on a journey that results in whatever action the client is trying to stimulate – a click, an engagement, a conversion.

2. Sell to people, not businesses

The most important person in your client’s world is them. They need to see how working with you is going to benefit them personally. Find out what success looks like for them and paint a picture of how you can help them get there.

3. Collaborate

Research from the CEB shows that clients are 10x more likely to sell on deals internally if they have been involved in putting them together.

Today’s best sales people collaborate with clients when building deals. They ensure that clients feel that they have ownership of deals so that they are motivated to get them over the line.

4. ‘Level up’ your proposals

Your contact may well be the final decision maker but they are likely to involve their colleagues. In fact, research from the CEB shows that 96% of B2B buying decisions involve more than one stakeholder. That means that your contact is likely to forward whatever you send them to other stakeholders. That makes this email important so don’t be lazy. Put the effort in and create a compelling proposal that is relevant to everyone who will see it. The proposal needs to show how you can help the entire decision making group and why they should care.

5. Help your customers sell on within their business

There is a big difference between get a ‘yes’ over the phone and actually getting a signed order. How many of your ‘yeses’ in 2018 never actually got over the line?

Why is that?

It’s because decision-making can be a real effort for most clients. Often, they fail to take the first step in the process and the sale slowly withers on the vine. Help them to decipher the decision-making process and overcoming any potential barriers. Once they commit and make the first move, they are likely to gain some momentum and the following stages will happen.

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