Take charge of your sales career in 2022

Succeed in Sales | Do you believe – totally believe – that you are responsible for your success in sales? When things are not going so well, do you focus on other factors to explain why?

If you miss your targets, do you associate this with reasons outside of your control? Maybe it’s because of increased competition? Or your targets being set unreasonably high? Maybe your clients don’t have the budgets? Your product isn’t good enough?

Some of the above may have an influence for sure, but top sales professional won’t focus on this. They will look longer-term and seek to improve what they can influence – their own sales approach. They know that changes and improvement in their own approach will yield stronger results. They have a growth mindset. They know they can personally influence a greater performance. In the current environment more than ever, there is good reason to believe this. 53% of the reason why a client will choose to work with you is down to the sales experience (CEB). It’s not your brand, product or price that makes up the greatest influence on purchasing decisions. It’s what you do. You are in control.

The important thing to recognise, regardless of the number of years of experience you have, is that buyers have changed significantly over the past few years and will continue to do so. What they need from sales people is very different and so top sales professionals are focusing on new approaches to influence today’s buyer.

Make 2022 the year you focus on what you can do to supercharge your sales career. Don’t stand by wondering why some salespeople are winning more deals than you. Invest in your own development so you control your success.

You could start by reviewing yourself against what good likes like in our sales performance framework. Or simply filling out our short contact form using your company email address and adding the message “Sales 2022” and we’ll send you advice, research and reading materials to help you accelerate your sales career.

Invest in yourself in 2022 to drive your sales and career forward.

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