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A change in approach is long overdue for media sales professionals

It won’t be luck that enables your sales revenues to grow in the digital age. Having a strong brand and good products will of course play their part. Value and pricing will be a factor too. However the biggest impact on revenues could (and should) come from your sales people. It is the sales experience itself (according to CEB research in the excellent book, The Challenger Sale) that has the greatest impact on customer loyalty. And importantly, the sales experience that buyers are after nowadays, is very different to that of five or ten years ago.

So how can sales professionals in media make the biggest impact? What changes to their approach will yield the greatest returns? Here are five tips from Flume Training to help you think differently.

Five tips to re-vitalise your sales approach

1) Carefully consider where you want your client to be by the end of every client call and meeting. Beware of the one-track mind of chasing immediate revenue. Instead set realistic objectives that build trust and move your client towards you, your business and your solution.

2) You should aim to uncover challenges that your client has within their job and business. It is challenges, not needs, that will increase a client’s urgency for your product or solution. Clients want solutions to their problems – and they care about the results that can be achieved by solving these. Focus on the results you can help them achieve if they work with you.

3) Share stories with your client to encourage them to open up about their challenges. Being perfect won’t encourage clients to share their challenges, so show some vulnerability about yourself and your business. You know what challenges your product or solution can help solve, so design stories that steer the conversation in this direction.

4) Provide your client with insights about how to buy in a smarter way or to save money or generate new revenue. But don’t rush in with your solution straight away – allow the client time to realise there are new ways of thinking and new approaches they should be considering before you pitch your solution.

5) Don’t try and wing your way to a sale. Points 3 and 4, particularly, should be carefully planned in advance, ideally with the help of your marketing and editorial teams. You should aim to position yourself and your business as thought leaders and ideas people that your client can trust and learn from.

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