Clients: A new reality

Just like us, our clients’ reality has changed. The best salespeople are adapting their approach.

In this module, we will explore:

  • What’s changed for your client in this turbulent time
  • The biggest mistakes salespeople could make and the lasting impacts if they do
  • The core rules and new techniques to help your teams come out in a strong position

Outcome: An approach to selling in this challenging environment

What your clients need: Empathy

This crisis is having a profound effect on everyone with our ‘hierarchy of needs’ being completely re-arranged. Our clients are under enormous stress both at work and at home. Empathy is more important than ever before.

In this module, we will explore:

  • New buyer personas
  • What clients care about
  • Empathetic questioning techniques

 Outcome: A powerful way to communicate with clients during this extraordinary time

What your clients need: Purpose

The way that we communicate with clients now will define our future relationships. More than ever before, clients need to have trust in the salesperson they are working with and believe in why they do what they do.

In this module, we will explore:

  • The importance of purpose in your sales approach
  • How to work with clients towards win-win outcomes
  • How to perfectly position yourself with your client for now and for the future

Outcome: A powerful way to re-align client relationships

What your clients need: Value

Uncertainty and anxiety are rife. For most clients, speaking to salespeople has just fallen even further down their list of priorities. More than ever before, if a client is to prioritise speaking with a salesperson, they need to see real value.

In this module, we will explore:

  • What constitutes value at this extraordinary time
  • The importance of thought leadership
  • The power of storytelling

Outcome: Clients prioritise your conversation over others

Delivery methods during Coronavirus / Covid-19

We currently provide all training and coaching virtually using tools such as Zoom and Skype. These can be 121 or group training sessions where everyone can dial in from different locations.

We also run larger group training sessions using Crowdcast


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