Selling in a crisis

This is an extremely tough and uncertain time. The way that we work with clients during the Covid-19 crisis will define how they view us in the future so we want to share with you one of the biggest mistakes that we’re seeing sales teams make- looking at everything from their own perspective and not the client’s.

Sales teams in this situation will often go to one of two places:

  1. Extreme passivity where they’re scared or shy of talking to clients because they don’t know what value they can add
  2. Aggressiveness where they concentrate on volume and approach clients and talk about their products in a highly insensitive way.

Neither of these approaches are going to work for the client or for the salesperson.

The right approach has to be to position yourself in your client’s shoes and think:

  • ‘What help do they need right now?’
  • ‘What approach isn’t going to work for them?’
  • ‘What approach is going to allow them to act in the way that you want?’

Shifting perspective allows you to be empathetic, get into your customer’s world and talk about the things they care about. Then you can work together and come through this Corona crisis in as strong a position as possible.

Download our new whitepaper which outlines a way to build a strategy for your sales approach and provides some rules to follow when selling to clients.

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