How we work

Unlike most one-day sales training, our programmes give your teams time to learn, to practise, to question and to adopt outstanding new behaviours.

Buyer-centric selling

Game-changing, buyer-centric sales techniques are at the core of all our sales training programmes, putting every customer-facing rep into the heads of their buyers from first contact to closing the deal.

Built to stick

Flume’s sales training programmes are not a one-shot approach. Our 4-stage intervention technique instils long-term behavioural change that lasts far beyond the training.

Measurable ROI

Flume de-risk your purchase with end-to-end project management, continuous tracking of your team’s progress, and measurement of impact, performance and ROI. So you can be confident in achievable outcomes – and present a compelling business case to your stakeholders.


  • KPI measurement
  • Strategic business review
  • End customer insight
  • Bespoke training design
  • Leader success plan
  • Benchmark for success
  • Sales diagnostics
  • Manager launch
  • Sales launch
  • Manager training and coaching


  • World class sales trainers
  • Interactive workshops
  • Powerful sales templates
  • Client-focused training
  • How-to guides
  • Personalised projects
  • Personalised templates
  • Playbook creation
  • Demonstrations
  • Personal accountability
  • Empowered salespeople


  • Group coaching workshops
  • Personalised feedback
  • Best-practise sharing
  • On-demand access to videos, quizzes and supporting materials
  • Gamification
  • Coaching workbooks
  • Sales insights
  • Sales toolkits
  • Accountability plans



  • “In the three months post training, our average order value has increased by 27%, giving a clear and compelling ROI”

    Rebeka McClintock, Account Director, Health iQ

  • “Working with Flume training has been an absolute pleasure. Richard and Raoul truly cared about our needs and together with their team designed and delivered impactful sales training. They consistently sought feedback throughout and made adjustments on the way to meet our special requirements. Extremely reliable and fun to work with!”

    Jitka Foralova, Global Talent Development Partner, Trustpilot

  • 87% increase in sales velocity YOY, 49% increase in opportunities YOY, 31% increase in average opportunity size YOY.

    Kunal Pandya Senior Director, Global Revenue Enablement, UserZoom

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