Vanessa Hunt – how sales leaders can use CRM to coach, support and drive revenue with their teams.

Sales Leaders will have different ways of using their organisations CRM system with their Sales Teams. CRM expert Vanessa Hunt, shares her best practice tips on how Sales Leaders can utilise the CRM system to coach, support and drive lead generation and sales for their team.

Vanessa shares practical tips for anyone managing a sales team, discussing how to fully utilise their CRM system to support their teams performance.

Vanessa Hunt – how Sales people can utilise their CRM to drive deals forward

Sales people often have a love-hate relationship with their CRM systems.

It doesn’t need to be this way. CRM expert Vanessa Hunt talks to Flume founder Raoul Monks about the merits of CRM and how to make it work for you, supporting you to generate leads and drive business through your pipeline.

Vanessa’s tips and methods challenge the perception of the CRM as purely a reporting tool, she provides practical insight into how to use it at different stages of the sales journey to strengthen the sale

Chloe Richardson – How to turn client conversations into commercial opportunities

The way we communicate and interact with our clients has never been more important. In this Flume Sales Chat, Chloe Richardson of Acier Events, reveals how to turn every conversation into a commercial opportunity throughout this crisis.

Jordan Adams – A masterclass in sales and business adaption in the crisis

Raoul talks to Jordan Adams, MD and founder of MarTech Tracker about how his business quickly adapted to the crisis. In this sales chat there are some key tips on how to successfully adapt to the different ways of working. These include the need for strong leadership, ensuring you are all doing things for the right reasons, removing sales targets and most importantly that you are communicating consistently and authentically. Jordan speaks about how his team has used technology and bought their culture into all of their homes which has resulted in a greater, more bonded team.

Ricardo Molina – How to be a LinkedIn sales extrovert

Raoul Monks talks to Co-founder and Director Ricardo Molina of Bright Bull on building online communities and becoming a LinkedIn digital expert.

There are big challenges for salespeople in todays climate, none more so than being able to actually engage with clients. So what should you be doing and how can LinkedIn and it’s communities help you?

Ricardo gives advice on the 3 stages you should go through to get your audience to engage, talks about what clients are looking for from salespeople today and general tips on using LinkedIn to build your community.

Emma Laing – The secrets of a sales over-performer in the crisis

Emma Laing from Martech Tracker was nominated for incredible sales performance over the last month and in such tough market conditions. Find out the secrets to her success.

Our favourite tip is at 12 mins through… Grab a cuppa and relax…

Katie McBride – Driving unexpected deals and creating a strong pipeline

In this Flume Sales Chat we talk to Katie McBride from dmg Events who has looked at ways in which she can drive unexpected deals and create a strong pipeline in this crisis. She discusses how they have re-engineered their proposition both from working remotely and how they are connecting with their clients. dmg Events have firstly focused on developing their relationship with their clients. By ensuring the sales teams step into the clients shoes and identify what is important for them now and how their goals have changed has helped them build those relationships . For the sales teams, they have stepped away from KPI focused motivators to more self development led projects. Find out how Katie has done this in practice with some more practical tips.

Sajeeda Merali – The pivot from live to virtual events

Most Events sales people are having to shift to selling virtual solutions. Sajeeda Merali shares how to make this shift as easy and impactful and possible for sales people and clients

Maddy Cole – Driving productivity across your remote teams

Maddy Cole, MD of Venture Business shares her experience of working with remote sales teams over the past five years and how to create the most productive teams

Duncan Custerson – How do we target sales people?

In last weeks webinar focused on Leading Remote Sales Teams, I missed out a vital question. Duncan Custerson tries again. Here is our chat.

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