Raoul B2B Sales Speaker | CEO and Founder Flume Training

Raoul Monks – B2B sales speaker.

Raoul is the Founder of Flume and he is passionate about driving performance of B2B companies. This passion is driven by the deep belief that:

“The way that B2B decision-makers choose has irreversibly shifted. What they need from companies has totally changed.”

Raoul is an engaging speaker, host, trainer, coach and sales-geek. He has a passion for ridiculous long-distance running – think five marathons in five days – and an unrivalled appetite for consuming business books, often combining the two activities with the use of audio versions. His obsessive thirst for the latest thinking, research and ideas is second to none and his ability to translate complex ideas in a simple way, means that every audience will come away with something big to think about and implement.

Raoul set up Flume in 2010 with the goal of enabling B2B sales teams and commercial leaders to thrive in today’s market. He has a decade of experience helping businesses develop sustainable growth in revenue, preceded by more than ten years excelling in commercial roles in the media & events market.

At Flume, he uses research and his vast experience of the B2B markets to challenge the way traditional companies operate and consistently motivates and inspires people to change the way they approach business to become top performers.

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Previous speaking gigs

  • Sales Engagement summit: Hosting Live TV event with Engage Business Media
  • Supercharge your sales team’s performance in 2022: The 3 urgent actions for sales leaders
  • Remote selling is here to stay: Why leaving it to chance is a big mistake
  • Billions of ££££’s are wasted on ineffective sales training: 5 ways to avoid throwing your training budget down the drain
  • Sales Professionals: Driving client confidence
  • How is the search for new business models changing publishing roles?
  • Selling to the modern buyer
  • Creating today’s sales force
  • The multi-platform sell: avoiding the paradox of choice
  • What’s working in sponsorship sales
  • Delegate sales: making your event a priority
  • Leading today’s sales teams
  • Proving the value of your solution
  • Going Native: Exploring native advertising & other innovations
  • Driving advertising & sponsorship through new technology
  • Fresh campaign ideas to drive ad revenue
  • How to create compelling sales and marketing messages
  • Innovations in advertising
  • The importance of story-telling
  • How to make clients care about your differentiator
  • Team collaboration
  • Marketing/sales/content
  • Numerous roundtable hosting sessions on sales & marketing related topics
  • How do you create and lead sales teams that will smash their targets?
  • Why is it so hard to find great business development talent?
  • Why good salespeople are moving from ‘the hard sell to the easy buy” and other insights

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