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Sales Innovation Expo 23: Must see talks

Here at Flume we’re looking forward to the Sales Innovation Expo at the Excel on the 29th & 30th November. We’re sponsors and we’ll be delivering a keynote as well as a fireside chat on day one. We’d certainly recommend you attend both of those; however, here are five other talks from day one that really stand out for us. Maybe see in the queue?!

  1. Building Cognism’s enterprise sales playbook

We love a playbook, and we love a success story. “In 6 years, Cognism went from an unknown startup struggling to close $4,000 deals with SMBs to a $50M+ ARR company inking $1,000,000+ contracts with Fortune 500s” sounds compelling.

We’re looking forward to learning more…

  1. Mastering Sales Excellence: Building the Ultimate Sales Team and Operation

There’s potentially a lot of cross over here with what we do which makes this talk intriguing; however, its ‘Data-driven successful sales hiring’ which really stood out for us. We know from our clients how hard it is to hire great salespeople right now, so this should be interesting…

  1. Top Tips to Sales Success In 2024 & Beyond

Next year is likely to be challenging for salespeople, and who doesn’t like ‘top tips’?

  1. The key to increased deal velocity and higher win rates

We’re big believers in Deal and Sales Velocity and who doesn’t want higher win rates? This feels like ‘must attend’. We’ve also got a great guide on this which you can download here.

  1. Close more deals faster with AI negotiation


Unsurprisingly, several talks will be exploring Artificial Intelligence and what it might mean for sales. They all look good, but: “Why your customers prefer to negotiate with AI than with you” is a sufficiently provocative heading to get us interested.

Flume talks

Raoul Monks, CEO & Founder keynote theatre highlights:

Interactive Q&A session with Raoul Monks and Paul Cruise:  Accelerating buyer decision-making: Strategies for faster results – 2pm, 29th November

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