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Still need convincing that traditional sales techniques are old hat and it’s time to do things the Flume way? These happy clients have seen big gains from working with us and having their entire approach to sales transformed by us. Don’t believe us? Let them tell you themselves – then get in touch to find out how you can join them!

This training is a game-changer… it’s got us thinking in a different way, creating excitement about what we do. It’s re-energising our business.

Raoul Monks interviews the Brand Director of Haymarket Hong Kong after her staff completed our Sales Masterclass Series.

“Same team, same markets, same pool of potential customers, but with a new sales approach from Flume, sales are up 40% year-on-year.”

Alex Johnson, CEO & Founder, GFC Media Group

Believe the hype. The Flume approach to sales and training is different. They care. It works. They get results.

Fergus Gregory, Group Commercial Director, The Drum

As we grow and scale our business it’s vital we work with partners that we trust to be honest, open and add real business insight. Flume are more than a training company, they’re becoming our irreplaceable advisor, supporting all parts of our business with strategic input, ideas and inspiration.

Tom Dunkerley, Managing Director, Sift Media

Flume’s focused approach of understanding our business, getting to know our people, then designing and delivering tailored development activities, has really paid off. We have quickly seen a significant impact on our results.”

James Hilton, Global CEO, M&C Saatchi Mobile

“I am delighted with the results Flume are delivering for us and have engaged them to work with several teams that have their own unique challenges. I would thoroughly recommend Flume as they have provided a catalyst for change in our approach to sales, management and culture.”

Stuart McLean, Group HR Director, Incisive Media

If you want to rapidly increase sales and are open to a new perspective, you need to speak to Flume.

David Baldock, Group Sales Director, Wilmington

“I meet a lot of sales training providers, however my highest recommendation goes to Flume Training. Their most valuable differential, is one that I find often lacking in other training companies that I’ve encountered. In addition to the actual training sessions themselves, they place considerable emphasis on initial diagnosis of the specific training needs for the team in question as well as follow up and implementation post training. It’s proved a key component in the success of the training.
They are innovative, they use only the most modern approaches to sales and developing managers, and they have always proved to be 100% focused on helping us exceed our goals.”
Anusha Kurunathan, Sales Training Director, Informa

Anusha, Training Director, Informa

Flume bridge the gap between traditional and modern approaches to sales. I have improved the sales experience dramatically for my clients, helping me reach personal and company goals like never before.

Rory Niblock-Stuart, Account Manager, Clarion Gaming

I’m a massive advocate of ‘the Flume way’.’ It has totally changed my mindset and challenged my way of thinking for the better. It’s been so refreshing to see training not only delivered in such an engaging way but to learn a completely different approach! Not the same old traditional sales training & material we’ve all gone through time and time again. I would definitely recommend Flume Training to any media sales professional, regardless of level, to enhance their careers.

Sam Johnston, Recruitment Sales Director, CIPD and CIPS, Haymarket Media Group

Flume conduct their training workshops with infectious enthusiasm. They are hands on, and proactive; ensuring what is learned gets applied. I best describe them as ‘agents of change’. I used to have a collection of salespeople pushing products, I now have a group of energised teachers offering invaluable advice. My team have taken a 180-degree turn in mind-set towards the profession and in a short space of time have been completely re-energised. If you don’t believe selling stuff could be fun and rewarding beyond money, then you should talk to Flume.

Matt Anderson, Global Sales Director, SmartRailWorld

Working with Flume has transformed the way our sales team work, challenging our practices and shifting mindsets and strategies to adapt to the modern buyer. We have seen real behaviour change and most importantly a positive impact on our revenues. Flume immerse themselves in their industry, and armed with research and insights they ensure they remain expert, relevant and highly credible.

Rebecca Constable, Head of Talent & Learning, Haymarket Media Group

I completed the course not only feeling like an expert in my field but feeling confident and energised with a strategic mindset that has seen instant results. I would highly recommend Flume to every B2B salesperson.

Keith Cross, Account Manager, Haymarket Media Group

What media experts are saying

“Media, events and business intelligence sales is changing at Internet speed. Decision making groups are getting larger, decision cycles longer, ROI data more closely scrutinised.
In the businesses we chair and invest in, we have stopped trying to solve this problem on our own. The goalposts are just moving too fast, so we work with Flume, a very modern, dynamic and learning-oriented company whose trainers have revolutionised our sales cultures and approach to client delivery. Our CEO business partners love them.”

Piers Bearne, Founder and Chairman, Collingwood Advisory

Flume are at the cutting edge of thinking on sales and are prepared to propose revolutionary ideas for ambitious media owners. Always worth listening to.

Carolyn Morgan, Owner, Penmaen Media

The most innovative and proactive sales development company in the business. Flume are completely on top of the changing media landscape and the challenges this is causing sales organisations; their focus on whole business alignment over outdated sales gimmicks is the secret of their success.

Peter Houston, Director, Flipping Pages Media