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Measurable Success

“Within a month of working with Flume, our sales team had developed over £500K of additional revenue. With such high impact we plan to involve them across the entire organisation. We’ve also seen a 10% increase in average order value.”
James Swift, Director of Talent Development, Leyton UK

“Flume’s approaches have been fully integrated into our sales process creating a 58% increase in closed deals and an 8% increase in average order value.”
Richard O’Connor, Commercial Director, EG / RELX

“The Flume approach has transformed the performance of our team. Our revenue is up 38% year-on-year.”
Jeff Cousens, Head of Sales, Spidersnet

“Flume developed a new sales approach for us which is on track to deliver an 85% YOY uplift in revenue. Flume are sales experts who deliver ROI.”
Mike Seaman, MD, Raccoon Events – The National Running Show

“Same team, same markets, same pool of potential customers, but with a new sales approach from Flume, sales are up 40% year-on-year.”
Alex Johnson, CEO & Founder, GFC Media Group

Game-Changing Approach

“Flume bridge the gap between traditional selling methods and the modern way to conduct business, backed up by psychological research – a game changer!”
Rory Niblock-Stuart, Account Manager, Clarion Events

“Believe the hype. The Flume approach to sales training is different. They care. It works. They get results.”
Fergus Gregory, Group Commercial Director, The Drum

“I really enjoyed the training. The content was eye-opening and enjoyable.”
James Ashton, Account Manager, Virgin Incentives

“The goalposts in sales are moving too fast, so we work with Flume, a modern and dynamic company, whose trainers have revolutionised our sales cultures and approach to client delivery. Our CEO business partners love them.”
Piers Bearne, Founder and Chairman, Collingwood Advisory

“It was genuinely the most useful training I have received in my time at Leyton.”
Matthew Panter, Associate Manager, Leyton

Easy to Adopt & Apply

“Fantastic session. Clear, actionable changes that can be implemented immediately!”
Stephen Young, Senior Membership Development, The Drum

“I’ve been in some boring sales training sessions throughout my career and this wasn’t one of them! The content and overall delivery was really useful and I’m excited to put it into practise.”
Jade Simmons, Cluster Sales Manager, Jury’s Inn

“Very insightful and useful. It’s changed my approach to sales!”
Toye Kayode, Business Development Director, SmartRail

“Great material, great trainer, simple practical, usable actions. Also, very enjoyable & thought provoking.”
Brett Mitchell, Head of Sales, Wilmington

“A game-changing approach to sales, which has had a major impact on team revenue.”
Conor Barr, Recruitment Sales Manager, Haymarket Media Group

Case Studies


87% increase in sales velocity YOY, 49% increase in opportunities YOY, 31% increase in average opportunity size YOY.

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A Sales Kick-off in Rome for our client Claroty. The biggest challenge we now face? Trying to better it next year!

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In the three months post training, our average order value has increased by 27%, giving a clear and compelling ROI

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Clarion Events

We’ve optimised our sales engine with Flume, measuring the people training ROI all the way to the bottom line.

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With such high impact initially we now use Flume across the organisation with similar results.

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Flume were able to get immediate buy-in from the team and the results quickly followed.

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Over a sixteen month period, there was a triple digit increase in our digital revenue across the board.

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M&C Saatchi

Flume helped us shape a highly collaborative culture and strengthen client relationships.

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Incisive Media

Completely different to other training out there.

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UserZoom - Full Case Study

We interviewed our client Kunal Pandya to explore what challenges he faced and how we worked together to achieve some amazing, measurable results. This full case study goes into more detail on Sales Velocity and the solutions that were put into place that saw a 87% increase YOY.

Read the full version here

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