Sales Training Videos

We are regularly asked by clients for short video summaries on key areas and so here they are. We have tried to cut the waffle and just provide you the good bits. No make-up was added before filming began...

What works in sales today?

B2B clients have completely changed the way they interact with sales people and what they need from you is unrecognisable compared to 10 years ago. Take-away tips on how to adapt.

The importance of educating clients

Every piece of research into today's buyers of B2B solutions says the same thing; they want to learn. Take away tips on how to teach.

Collaborating with your client

True collaboration means that the sales person and the client have shared goals. Discover why this is so important and how to position yourself as a true partner.

Powerful introductions

Often ignored by sales people, the introduction is where you make your impact. Into day's time-pressed climate they are more important than ever. Find out what your client needs from you here.

Speeding up client decision making

Deals seem to be taking longer than ever today and there is good reason. Find out why it is happening and how to speed them up.

What types of questions to ask

Although sales conversations need to be 2 way brilliant questioning is still a must. However, today questioning is not just about diagnosing needs it is about coaching clients to uncover challenges and catalyse change. Learn the best methods here.



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Multi Platforms

Proving the value