1-hour impact workshops

1-hour impact workshops

Business as usual is a distant memory. Your job seems almost impossible. But now more than ever you need to find ways to be effective in your role. These 1 hour workshops will give you immediately actionable strategies so you can add value and stay productive during this time of crisis.

Programme 1 – Selling in a crisis

Each webinar will guide you through the three core approaches for creating and building strong client relationships. We will deep-dive into exactly what your client needs from you and give you game-changing and easy to use tools and templates so you can get started right away.

Workshop 1: Connecting with clients (£25)  REGISTER NOW for on-demand
Workshop 2: Taking the lead (£25) REGISTER NOW for Monday 27th April
Workshop 3: Making conversations worth paying for (£25) REGISTER NOW for Monday 4th May

Programme 2 – Leading & driving remote sales teams (coming soon)

Sales leadership has always been tough. Remote teams facing uncertainty and a brutal environment have just made it even tougher. Getting it right and avoiding critical mistakes is vital if we are to come out of the other side of this crisis in a strong position.

Workshop 1: Plan (£25)
Workshop 2: Drive (£25)
Workshop 3: Client innovation (£25)

Programme 3 – Pivoting from events to digital revenue (coming soon)

With events being pushed back or cancelled altogether, events sales leaders need to find alternative sources of revenue. For many, digital products are an obvious opportunity. Unfortunately, many events salespeople have little or no experience of selling digital – they need help quickly if they are to adapt successfully.

Workshop 1: Sales behaviours for selling digital (£25)
Workshop 2: Events: Digital alternatives (£25)
Workshop 3: Co-creating digital campaigns (£25)

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