Winning sales proposals

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15th April

Delivered remotely Via Zoom

Takeaways from this workshop:


Outcome: Higher quality proposals which speed up decisions and improve conversion rate


Course Outline

A salesperson’s role isn’t just about knowing how to sell to their buyer, it’s also about helping them sell-on to all the other stakeholders within their business. The pandemic has changed the way that decisions are being made. The whole process has become riskier and more challenging for buyers.

Over 80% of customers* voiced uncertainty in their ability to manage change and navigate the sell-on journey. This is unsurprising when you consider that there could be as many as 20 decision makers and due to recent economic pressures, more senior stakeholders are more involved in every buying decision.

Even prior to the pandemic ** Buyers had an average of six tasks to complete before making a purchase. Many salespeople, like their buyers, don’t appreciate the steps that are necessary for a proposal to pass through a business and receive a final sign-off.

The majority of salespeople fall short in two areas:

  1. Their proposal doesn’t adequately answer the wider decision-making group’s questions.
  2. They don’t support their buyer in selling on to the other stakeholders.

Today’s salespeople need to focus on these aspects of the sales experience if they are to maintain a healthy conversion rate.

Who should attend?

Those who want to produce winning sales proposals. This workshop is suitable for anyone operating within sales or sales leadership. Individuals or teams are welcome

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