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Monetising Media

How do you make money from media? How do you tackle the challenges of a diverse range of channels? What are the trends and potential strategies for mobile, data, video and digital advertising? On 29th September to 1st October 2014, TheMediaBriefing are hosting Monetising Media in London. We’ve attended all of TheMediaBriefing conferences to date and without fail, they always deliver, offering fresh perspectives and practical solutions to media challenges, so we would definitely recommend attending if you can.

At Flume we believe that the industry needs to stay ahead of new trends and future-proof their business. When we attend industry events, we always consider the content from a sales angle, with a view to helping our clients consider their own commercial strategy and keep up to date with current trends. For sales to be successful, the leaders of media businesses need to ensure their strategy is right and identify the optimum mix of products and solutions for their audience and clients.

Prospective clients for Flume often want their business strategy, structure and portfolio of products to be neatly in place and their sales teams trained at this point when all the above factors are known. However, given the speed of change and disruption in media, companies are constantly having to adapt and evolve their strategies and structure, so waiting for this perfect moment to develop the sales team may never come.

Given that traditional sales approaches are more likely to be damaging client relationships and impacting negatively on your revenues (as we often speak and write about), waiting for the perfect moment to develop your commercial team, might be a dangerous move.

Click on the link to find out more about why we believe sales approaches need to change and how we might be able to help.

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