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Marketers don’t care about your products

Clients are busier than ever before. Their phones are constantly alerting them to that new email, that new meeting, that new deadline. Listening to you talk about how your product is new, different or better is the last thing they need.

So, what to do?

To find the answer, we need to step into our client’s shoes. What do they want? What do they worry about? What gets them excited?

Their world has changed. Here are some of the headlines:

They think about themselves

A recent study of 3,000 B2B buyers by Google, Gartner and Motista found that clients are twice as likely to buy if they see personal value rather than company value. That’s not surprising when you consider that the average CMO only lasts 18months* in a role. Clients are thinking about themselves rather than their current employer.

They worry

Lots of clients share a secret. Deep down they feel like frauds. They worry that their accomplishments are not down to their ability, they’ve just been lucky. They are waiting for those around them to ‘find them out’ and they’re desperate to learn from anyone who can help.

They are under more pressure to deliver

93% of CMOs say they under more pressure to deliver measurable ROI**. Their decisions are scrutinised and they’re nervous about making mistakes.

Everything sounds the same

Your product / service / audience is the newest / the biggest / the best. Well, clients can’t see that. In fact, the research shows that 86% of them cannot see a significant enough difference between one option and another to pay a premium.

So, what does this changing world mean for media & events sales people?

Sell to the client, not their company

The most important person in your client’s world is them. They need to see how working with you is going to benefit them personally. Find out what success looks like for them and paint a picture of how you can help them get there.

Teach them things that helps them succeed in their role

Your clients are stuck behind their desks worrying while you are out in the marketplace speaking to their peers, their competitors and their customers. Share your knowledge and help them become rock stars. Educating clients on new ideas and perspectives is the number one skill shared by today’s most successful sales people***.

Focus on getting them the results they need

Building rapport with your client is important but helping them hit their targets is vital. Understand what they need to achieve in order to be successful and focus on how you can help them get there.

Tell them why your product exists, not what it does

Research by Regalix shows that the most important thing for marketers is “understanding the client buying journey”. Don’t overwhelm clients with features and benefits – that’s what your competitors are doing. Paint a picture of how your solution will take the audience on a journey that results in whatever action the client is trying to stimulate – a click, an engagement, a conversion.

Today’s clients really don’t care about your products. What they care about is surviving and thriving in an ever more challenging environment. The best sales people understand this so they focus on helping their clients win.

That’s when your product becomes interesting.


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** Leapfrog Marketing Institute
***The Rain Group