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How to win a sales pitch…

Today’s buyers are better informed than ever before – getting new information is super quick and easy. The challenge is that they have loads of choice and all the vendors they speak to say the same thing: “We have the best audience / data / insight / functionality”. This creates a trust issue, and, in a world where the stakes are so high, a lack of trust leads clients to just stick with the status quo- even if the status quo isn’t that great. More than ever before, how to win a sales pitch goes beyond company’s history, the features, or a cookie cutter pitch slides – buyers don’t care about any of that.

What they need is the salesperson’s knowledge and advice. The sales person’s job is no longer really about selling the brand, the product or the service- the buyer can get all that online. The job is to teach them how the product or service is going to make their life better.

Unfortunately, most salespeople aren’t great at doing this. According to The Rain Group; buyers say that 58% of their meetings with sales people have no value. Too many pitches focus on simply telling the client what the brand or solution does. Instead, buyers need help in learning why and how they should choose vendor. This is where today’s best salespeople focus. They teach the buyer how to choose agnostically, and they approach the whole pitch collaboratively. That raises the level of trust and helps the buyer to be brave enough to commit and sell the solution on to the wider decision-making group.

How to win a sales pitch – our ‘Pitching with impact’ public course will ensure clients choose your brand and solution.

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