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Sales courses for Media and Event companies.
Media and Events sales training is the backbone of our business and our team has vast experience in this area. Below are three of our cutting-edge programmes tailored to the core sales roles in Media and Event B2B sales. 


The five modules in this programme are:

SDR excellence: The benchmark

Introductions: Cutting through the noise

Questioning: Getting the prospect talking

Pitching: Outcome focused positioning

Objection Handling: Avoiding and overcoming objections


The five modules in this programme are:

Recap / Launch

Tailoring: Personalising the conversation

Storytelling: Selling with emotion

Social Selling: Becoming a Linkedin extrovert

Remote Selling: Delivering world class Virtual experiences


The five modules in this programme are:

Recap / Launch

Remote selling: Delivering world class virtual experiences

Social Selling: Becoming a LinkedIn extrovert

Powerful Presentations: Engaging your audience

Assertive Negotiation: Shifting the balance of power

Flume’s approaches have been fully integrated into our sales process creating a 58% increase in closed deals and an 8% increase in average order value.

Richard O’Connor, Commercial Director, EG / RELX