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Buyer Centric Selling

Buyer behaviour is changing so your teams need to be agile, equipped and able to think on their feet.

Flume’s expertly-curated sales training programmes are built to inspire every role within your sales teams. And Flume training sticks, transforming thinking, embedding new behaviours and making a real, measurable impact on your bottom line.

Sales Benchmark for Media and Events

Your clients’ world has changed dramatically, what works in sales will never be the same. If sales teams are to succeed in this new environment, a change in approach is required.

In this whitepaper, we look at the future of sales looks like from the perspectives of both the buyer and salesperson, to provide a benchmark for sales excellence in a changed world.

Case Study - Clarion Events

33% growth in sales velocity YOY
17% increase in revenue YOY

“We have seen double digit performance increases in our sales velocity from everyone who has attended the training with Flume and now have rollout for our successful UK model to a waiting global business”


Sales programmes for Media and Event companies.
Media and Events sales training is the backbone of our business and our team has vast experience in this area. Below are three of our cutting-edge programmes tailored to the core sales roles in Media and Event B2B sales. 


The five modules in this programme are:

Sales Excellence: Sales Star benchmark

Introductions: Engaging with clients

Questioning: Leading the client discussion

Pitching: Making your solution stand out

Speeding up decisions: Navigating the decision making process


The five modules in this programme are:

Sales Excellence: Sales Legend Benchmark

Tailoring: Personalising the conversation

Selling with insight: A conversation that’s worth paying for

Objection handling: Avoiding and overcoming objections

Powerful proposals: Creating a watertight business case


The five modules in this programme are:

Sales Excellence: Sales Guru Benchmark

Social selling: Drive inbound and outbound relationships

Storytelling: Selling with emotion 

Assertive negotiation: shift the focus from price to value

Stakeholder presentations: engaging the wider decision-making group

Some of our clients

Flume’s approaches have been fully integrated into our sales process creating a 58% increase in closed deals and an 8% increase in average order value.

Richard O’Connor, Commercial Director, EG / RELX