Your clients care more about seeing ROI from your event than ever before.

Businesses have more people involved at every stage when choosing which events to attend, exhibit at or speak at. This is because the amount of money and effort involved and man hours lost through going to an event can be huge – and if you’re trying to sell a brand new event with no past successes to point at, brands may be wary of associating themselves with a potential dud.

It is a confusing marketplace for your client and it’s becoming tougher for businesses to make the right decision about where to exhibit or what to sponsor.

With so many different events in different guises being created, your client has more options than ever before. In addition, the way audiences make decisions and behave at events is completely changing.

Our sponsorship sales training course shows your team how to pitch your event as a perfect match for the businesses and brands they speak to. to.

If you find prospects continually delaying that firm ‘yes’ or ‘no’, speeding up decisions equips salespeople with the skills needed to cut down on time spent chasing up clients, break down barriers blocking the sale and apply pressure without harming your chances of a positive outcome. If you’re simply looking for a top-to-bottom rundown through today’s most successful sales methodologies, ask us about our three-day sales masterclass series.