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The Sales Velocity equation is enabling today’s most successful sales leaders to generate more money, more quickly. The four components of Sales Velocity act as levers that can be pulled to continuously improve sales effectiveness. However, most sales teams need help. Training that is focused on each lever and embeds new winning habits, behaviours, and approaches is key to driving sales velocity.

In this How-to Guide, we explore what it is and what it will help you to achieve. We breakdown the four levers of sales velocity and share tips on how to drive each one,

What is Sales Velocity? The overall health of a sales team is dependent on multiple factors. That makes it hard to measure, and, as management guru Peter Drucker famously said: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” 

The equation overcomes that challenge by drawing on four, core sales KPIs to create a single, monetary figure which can be easily measured and therefore managed.

What will it help me achieve? 

That level of transparency brings a lot of benefits including: 

The ability to easily identify which aspects of your sales process are working and which need attention 

Making it easy to identify opportunities to improve 

Enabling data driven decision making across every aspect of the whole sales function 

Allowing sales leadership to prove the effectiveness of any action 

Helping better target coaching and development 

Enabling more accurate budgeting, forecasting and modelling 

Helping justify internal investment in the sales function

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