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Digital sales doesn’t have to be so flippin’ confusing (honest)

Just under 50% of total marketing spend will be allocated to digital channels this year. However, its tougher than ever for salespeople to win that spend. The landscape is becoming more complex and more competitive while changes in buyer behaviour is making the sales process harder- just 43% of B2B salespeople hit their target in 2018*.

Salespeople from a traditional media background or events professionals who need to secure additional online revenue can find digital sales particularly challenging. Firstly, there are the endless acronyms: Do you know your CPC from your CPA? Your DSP from your DMP? What about EPC from your ESP? Then there is the ever-growing number of channels: native, social, affiliate, display, search to name but a few…

Succeeding in this environment takes more than simply reeling out your newly-learnt language and list of channels. You need to understand your audience’s multi-channel buying journey, the messages that will influence that journey and the effectiveness of your various digital channels at delivering those messages. Then there’s the need to deliver a great sales experience. Simply forming great relationships with clients won’t work anymore. The way that they buy has fundamentally changed and what works in digital sales has transformed.

The good news for sales people is that all of these challenges can be overcome. Acronyms can be learnt, channels can be explained, audience insights can be shared and how to deliver a great sales experience can be trained, coached and practiced.

Regardless of your background, todays digital sales winners will do well to follow these steps:

  1. Get to grips with the terminology but don’t let it overwhelm you – simplify it into meaningful language focused on the outcomes it can achieve for the client.
  2. Become the expert on the audience buying journey – this is what your client cares about.
  3. Help your client create the right messages and correct channels to achieve their goals.

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*Harvard Business Review