<h4><strong>SUCCESS STAR PROGRAMME</strong></h4>


The five modules in this programme are:

  1. Customer Success excellence: The new CS benchmark
  2. A standout CS process: Driving client engagement
  3. Questioning to retain and grow: Opening the client up
  4. Pitching to retain and grow: Cutting through the noise
  5. Objection handling: Avoiding and overcoming objections
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<h4><strong>SUCCESS LEGEND PROGRAMME</strong></h4>


The four modules in this programme are:

  1. Remote selling: Selling with executive presence
  2. Tailoring: Personalising the conversation
  3. Powerful proposals: Creating a watertight business case
  4. Speeding-up decisions: Navigating the client DMP
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<h4><strong>SUCCESS GURU PROGRAMME</strong></h4>


The four modules in this programme are:

  1. Account planning: Planning for client growth
  2. Teaching with stories: Selling with emotion
  3. Powerful presentations: Engaging your audience
  4. Assertive negotiation: Shifting the balance of power
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Creating an effortless experience: Why customer success is important

Creating an effortless experience: Why customer success is important

Customer success teams play a critical role in helping people use products effectively and recognise their value. Yet there’s a whole load of myths and surprisingly little insight about what makes an awesome customer success rep.

Our Founder & CEO, Raoul Monks looks at what makes customer success so vital for companies right now and the four customer success myths to watch out for.

Outcome-led selling

Outcome-led selling

Do you know what your customers’ “big picture” looks like?

Recently we’ve been thinking about one word: outcomes.

Understanding the outcomes for your customers is a super simple way to seize new opportunities and make sure your conversations hit home.

We’ve written all about outcome-led selling, why it can move the needle and how to get your team on board. Our blog gives practical advice on how to use product and success outcomes to structure your conversation and increase your chance of success.

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Want to know more about customer success and why more and more businesses are recruiting for the role? Read our customer success article. 

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