Free resources

We are providing a number of free resources to help salespeople and sales leaders to navigate these uncertain times.

  1. Training courses
  2. Fast-track back to sales
  3. Future Sales Lab – Re-defining Sales Excellence for a Changed World
  4. Regular Webinars
  5. Regular “Flume Sales Chats” covering key topics with industry professionals
  6. Brand new free whitepapers
  7. Regular selling in a crisis blogs
  8. Regular videos to help navigate these uncertain times
  9. All updates on our LinkedIn company page 
  10. Specific LinkedIn group – Selling in a changed world
  11. PP slides to share with your colleagues on Slideshare
Free resources

5 new training programmes

Business as usual is a distant memory. Your job seems almost impossible. But now more than ever you need to find ways to be effective in your role. These new training programmes will give you immediately actionable strategies so you can add value and stay productive during this time of crisis.

Selling in a changed world

The sales experience has become the most important factor when buyers are choosing suppliers, and what constitutes a ‘great sales experience’ is fundamentally changing. Knowing what great selling looks like in this changed world is vital for success.  Click here to find out more.

Digital Selling for a changed world

Many salespeople have little or no experience of selling digital – they need help quickly if they are to adapt successfully. Click here to find out more.

Account retention and growth

Research shows that existing accounts don’t grow organically and retaining accounts requires more than simply providing results and good customer service. Having a defined, consistent and powerful approach is key to retaining and growing accounts. Click here to find out more.

Sales Leadership in a changed world

Click here to find out more.

Sales & Marketing alignment

Changes in audience behaviour are making it harder for clients to buy marketing solutions. More than ever, they need watertight business cases built around up-to-date audience insights if they are to gain internal buy in from their wider decision-making group. Those business cases can only be created by sales and marketing teams that are completely aligned. Click here to find out more.

5 new training programmes

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