“Clients don’t want to engage with me”

Last week, as part of our webinar: ’Selling in a crisis’ we asked our audience of just over 1,700 salespeople: “What is your biggest challenge in sales right now due to the crisis?” The vast majority of them at just under 60% answered: “Clients don’t want to engage with me”.

In this post we explore how best to overcome that challenge.

Once we step out of our shoes and into the shoes of the client, the way forward becomes clearer. Our client’s world is probably not that dissimilar to ours: They’re worried about the future and they might be worried about their role. However, there’s one question that they have above all others: “What on Earth am I going to do now?” Changing perspective and appreciating their position makes it easier to work out what’s not going to work- approaching clients as if nothing has changed and trying to pitch…

What is much more likely to work, is positioning ourselves as someone who can help that customer work out what on Earth they’re going to do. Importantly, this isn’t about us immediately presenting ourselves as the only answer. Rather, as sales people, we are well placed to teach the client what they should do next. We have a unique, helicopter view of the entire industry. We spend our days talking to people who are just like our client. Over the last couple of weeks we have built up a very rich picture of what is and isn’t working for clients just like them at this extraordinary time. We have a wealth of bang up-to-date insight and learning and if we can position ourselves as someone who is willing to share all of that with our client in an effort to help them better understand what on Earth they should do next, then they’re much more likely to engage.

If your challenge is that your clients don’t want to engage, then position yourself as someone who can help them answer their biggest question: “What on Earth am I going to do now?”

That’s a way for you to get a conversation started. In time, that conversation will hopefully lead to a sales opportunity.

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