21 Aug: LSX

For anyone considering sales training with Flume, I’d say, go for it. Absolutely! Their presentation and approach to sales blew us away. ”

Matthew Pullan

Managing Director, LSX
Matthew Pullan - LSX

LSX Stats

Events Services

40+ employees

Based in London

05 Jun: Leyton

Leyton - Flume Sales Training
With such high impact initially we now use Flume across the organisation with similar results.

James Swift

Director of Talent Development, Leyton
James Swift

Leyton Events Stats

International consulting firm

300+ employees

Revenue : £36m turnover


additional revenue in the first month


increase in Average Order Value

Flume Sales Training Challenge

“When we approached Flume we were going through huge change as a business. As a high-growth and high-change organisation, we have a growing team. We are always hiring new salespeople and we needed to upskill the whole team as quickly as possible. At the same time, the whole organisation was going from a single-service to a multi-service sales process so we had to really quickly reskill our existing sales operation to represent our new suite of services. Flume have enabled us to do just this.

Flume Sales Training Solution

“Flume’s solutions fundamen