Business intelligence is more important than ever before, with businesses and brands worldwide looking for the knowledge and expertise that will give them the edge over their competitors.

However, with so many suppliers out there using such similar language, it’s tough for your clients to choose who to work with.

Making the right decision is key, which is why so many businesses suffer from option paralysis when presented with a stack of proposals offering similar-sounding services which they often don’t fully understand.

To set yourself apart from the rest of the chasing pack and equip your team with the skills to present themselves as the solution to a prospect’s problems rather than salesperson six of fifteen they speak to that day, check out our sales masterclass series. This three-day intensive course will transform the way your team sell business intelligence services and ensure you move forward with an approach that converts in far greater numbers.

Perhaps you’re happy with your sales approach, but find yourselves hampered by the same issues every time?

If your team are hearing ‘maybe’ or ‘I’ll get back to you’ an awful lot, our speeding up decisions course can equip them with the skills to get to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ faster, cutting time wasted on dead-end prospects and helping them break down the barriers standing in the way of a sale. Our client servicing training, meanwhile, ensures that the business intelligence service you provide once a client has been won reflects how your salespeople have sold it, dramatically boosting your chances of retaining and growing the relationship.