A walk around the halls of DMEXCO quickly shows just how confusing the ad and marketing technology space is for buyers.

The number of suppliers is increasing all the time, but to the uneducated they all sound exactly the same.

You have a great product that really can do what your competitors can’t.

But how do you communicate that to the layman, stand out from the crowd and sell yourself to a prospect who doesn’t really care what your product can do – only about the ROI it can bring?

Simply talking about what your product does and why it’s great just won’t work – that’s exactly what your competitors are doing and the buyers have heard it before.

53% of why your clients will choose you is down to the sales experience, but what buyers need from this experience has completely changed.

Trust is key – they need to be convinced you’re selling something that can improve their revenue, rather than a shiny new piece of software that nobody in their business is ever going to be able to use. Our messaging training can help you understand how to pitch your advertising and marketing technology in a way that addresses their business’ needs, whilst breaking into new clients will equip your team with the skills to sell to sectors your competitors may not have reached.

Let’s face it – to most, the words “advertising and marketing technology” don’t set pulses racing.

At Flume we make it easy for you to positively differentiate your sales experience, making your interactions with prospects memorable – and that means they’ll remember your brand and your product too.