Our Services - Training - Coaching - Consultancy

Absolutely everything we do is focused on achieving and exceeding the results you need for your business. This isn’t always as simple as delivering some training sessions – in fact, it rarely is. So we combine training, coaching and consultancy in the right mix to achieve the best results.

Any activity we undertake is with one simple aim in mind: To exceed expectations and deliver you results.


We love training! But that doesn’t mean we talk at you for 7 ½ hours. People learn through immersive experiences where they take a logical journey. People also learn in different ways, so we are experts in being agile with our approach to your work.

We use the most progressive approaches to make sure you see real behaviour change following any learning and development intervention.


Group workshops are powerful. But when 1-2-1 coaching is rolled out alongside group sessions, sales performance goes through the roof. This is why we like to connect with every single person. We help them understand individually what will make the difference for them.

They commit to actions. We review implementation. You get results.


Sometimes training and coaching can just be a plaster when what you really need is a full medical. Are you recruiting correctly? Have you got the right structure? Are you incentivising the strongest behaviours? Is the culture conducive to strong sales performance?

Whatever the challenge we can help you make positive changes that last.

Training - Our process

At Flume, all of our workshops follow a three part process as shown below.


People won’t want to change their approach to anything until they understand the flaws in what they currently do. Using thorough up-to-the-minute research on what works in the world of in B2B sales, we help your team diagnose personal strengths, and weaknesses, increasing their willingness to take on new ideas and ultimately improving results.

Understand & Create

Your team now knows what works and what doesn’t, but that doesn’t mean they know how to recreate that in their day-to-day role. We help your teams create their personal version of everything they learn. They create it. They own it. Which means they go away and they do it. And the doing is what gets you results.


We work with teams to create real situations that enable them to practise what they’ve created. This way once they are back in the office, the new approaches are already familiar to them, and any issues or glitches have already been resolved.