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How to speed up prospect decision making… PART TWO

This is the second part of our blog on speeding up decisions. In the last blog, we shared the three things you (probably) haven’t considered when trying to speed up decisions.

The key point was to get out of your head and into the mind of your client. See things through your client’s eyes and make easy for them, and the rest of the decision-making unit, to say yes.

Here, we show you the final four steps to enable you to do this.

(1) Create personal buy in.

First you have to get your client 100% on board with your proposal.

She needs to see the value to her business, to her team and to her personally. This gets her on your side and makes her the ‘champion for change’ within the business. It allows you to team up with her and create a plan about how to sell the idea to the rest of the decision-making unit.

 (2) Focus your client on the first step.

Next, sit down with her and map out the decision-making process and the steps you both need to take to get the solution approved.

Once created, focus her on the first step.

Once you get the ball rolling and she takes the first step, the rest are more likely to happen.

(3) Teach the client how to sell it in.

Your client now has to become the champion of your solution and sell it in to the decision-making unit.

This can be tough for her as she may not know how sell it in. She may quickly become derailed by difficult questions and objections from senior stakeholders.

Together, discuss any ‘push backs’ stakeholders may raise. Then, share ideas on how she can overcome these obstacles with confidence.

Finally, make sure that the proposal is written in a way that answers all the questions the stakeholders will have. This will give her confidence to sell the solution in.

(4) Collaboratively agree a plan of action.

Finally, agree a plan of action to help your client sell it in.

It could be that she wants you to present to the group, or you could team up with her to present something together. Or maybe you could send through case studies to help her strengthen the story.

Collaboratively discuss how you can make it easy for the decision makers to say yes.

In summary, following these 7 steps of decision making will allow you to step into the mind of your client and work with her to sell your solution in to the rest of the decision-making unit. This will make it easier for the stakeholder group to say yes and you will experience speedier decisions and more positive outcomes.

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