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5 key sales tips for winning at Dmexco

Once again, Dmexco is around the corner. Anyone that’s been will know that this show is a BEAST. 50,000 visitors, 1,000 exhibitors, 570 speakers and a small army of sales people all chasing the same group of buyers.

Unlike many other shows, Dmexco genuinely provides salespeople with an opportunity; however, the competition is so fierce that it’s vital that you make the most of every conversation.

Here are Flume’s top five tips for nailing a sale in Cologne:

Tell me why you exist, not what you do

This well-known nugget from Simon Sinek is super important for any sales person at Dmexco.

The halls are full of companies that, on the face of it, appear to be selling the same stuff: ‘insights’, ‘intelligence’, ‘data driven this’ / ‘omni-channel that’. The vast majority of your competition will be telling anyone that will listen what their products do. Not only is that very boring, but it very quickly all starts to sound the same.

You need a different approach if you are to stand out.

Don’t start your conversation by telling me what your product does, start by telling me why you exist. What challenges do I have that you can help me overcome?

What you do is about you, why you do it is about me. I don’t care about you, but I do care about me so this approach is much more likely to get me engaged…

Don’t tell me too much

The majority of the conversations at Dmexco are a waste of time; so, when you do get a good one, the temptation is to really get stuck in. However, don’t ruin a good opportunity by talking too much. On average, humans can only take in and remember three new pieces of information at any one time. Leave me with three headlines and a clear next step- then let me go.

Use stories

Numbers, numbers, numbers. However good they are, they’re hard to visualise and I won’t remember them the minute I walk away. Research shows that stories are 22x more likely to be retained than figures.

Tell me how your product has helped someone just like me. Alternatively, tell me how someone just like me messed up because they didn’t have your product. If I can picture it, I’ll start to make some kind of emotional connection and if the story is good enough then it will still be in my head on the plane home and at my next board meeting.

Listen to the prospect

This one is obvious but it’s so important. Every salesperson knows that they should listen, but so few do. Don’t be that person. Failing to listen inevitably means that you miss good information plus it’s really annoying.

Teach me something

It’s the sales experience that has the biggest influence on whether or not prospects will buy from you* and the number one thing that prospects want from a sales experience is to be educated on new ideas and perspectives**.

Start as you mean to go on and teach me something at Dmexco.

This doesn’t mean tell me something about your product that I didn’t already know, it means teach me something about my business, my customers, my competitors. Teach me something that is going to help me be more successful.

If I feel like I can learn from you then I am much more likely to prioritise talking to you again after the show.

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*CEB **Rain Group